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【Family, home】【For young father, 20s】 Story of “importance of power to keep protecting”

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How are you all spending?

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Do you have anyone you want to protect?

There is always one but different priorities for each family, lover, company or subordinate.

I am of course a “family”.

However, it is actually very recent that I really felt strong to protect my family.

Before that, I was thinking a little more avant-garde on what I should do with my family.

One thing, while considering what it was,
About sharing information, knowledge, and wisdom to convey this time,

Story of “importance of power to keep protecting”

In this title, I would like to share with you my eight year experience with my family. I will teach you about what I learned and what kind of recognition I got.

Please read to the end!

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Don’t think too much that you have to make your partner happy.

Family happiness is that it does not consist of one’s own power.

However, people who have a strong sense of responsibility have a strong desire to “make everyone happy”.

In my case, it was a way of thinking “I have to pull up the grade of happiness.”

At that time I was obsessed with socially and income-wise being higher and stepping up faster.

Even though my daughter had just been born, I went home late at night giving priority to working with my colleagues.

But from the standpoint of a wife, when she had just given birth to a lovely daughter, it was her happiness to rest at home when I was at home.

I intended to understand that feeling, but I was unilaterally thinking that what I could do was to make a good home now, to live in a good home, and to lead a rich life .

This was my mistake. I was thinking too much about the future and was not making my wife in front of us happy on the spot.

It feels too much responsibility to “must be happy,” and in a selfish way of thinking it often happens that you can not see your feet.

It is not happiness of the future but “to cherish the present”

There is only one thing to do to make a family “happy”. Very simple.

It is to cherish the moment that appears in front of you now.

Please be polite and receive every single conversation and emotion you have with your family,It is from getting up in the morning until going to bed at night.

It is natural, but unexpectedly, it tends to become sparse.

When many people are busy and tired at work, they have no room in their hearts and should not feel burdened by the family who should be healed.

I was anxious and pressured about the fact that the real life is not changing very well, as I rushed into the future.

To that end, I was busy making myself more passionate about work.

From the gap with the ideal, I will escape from reality.

Now I think “I’m sorry” I laughed, but in my mid-twenties I had neither the mind nor the economic power.

I was embarrassed that I could not accept myself, saying, “I have no power to make my family happy.”

The idea that “men make women and their families happy” and the trend have always been there, and I have felt that it is natural.

Until now, I thought that I could be made happy by acquiring things such as income and appearance from the outside.

True happiness is “the existence of a family” itself, which is already inside.

I intended to understand it in my head, but it was only recently that I was able to be clearly aware of that intention.

It took eight years to notice that.(It takes too much time!haha)

We will touch on the meaning of that in the next section.

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Please know what you really love and love.

It took me a long time to notice this meaning. However, it can not be seen, yet, still.

I would like to tell people who are young in their twenties and who have a family, and those who will be dad from now on.

Please share with your family the power to keep your present happiness unchanged, rather than giving priority to the appearance of appearance and the ability to get it for income.

Don’t forget that you are also getting “happiness” from your family.

I think I have long mistaken the meaning of protecting my family.


The “power to be obtained” I was trying to wear for the purpose of “for the happiness of my family” was only for looking at having my own authority.

“Protecting a family” means to face each family and walk together with the same perspective.

It sounds a bit shy, but it’s really important.

When your mind gets busy, it’s easy to forget.

Naturally, “power to keep family” is not only your own power.

You too always get courage from your family.

The day when we pile up little by little in this way makes everyone’s sense of happiness grow

Please notice little by little the really necessary power to “continue protecting”.

At that time, I was still an immature father.

It is far from being very stable. I always put a lot of burden on my wife.

Still my family is somehow bright and happy.

I love my wife and thank my family.

If I have a family in my early 20’s in the same way as I do, and I am working hard to be happy, I hope it will be a little helpful for those who will be dad from now on.

Up to here for this time.


Thank you for always reading to the end.

May your lifestyle be rich and happy.

Let’s meet again!



-Life hacker
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